Familiarity breeds contempt

Sugar starts off interesting.

By "starts", I mean "the first few minutes".

By "interesting", I mean in that experimental, film school kind of way, which resembles 60's European films.

The problem with Sugar is that it never really breaks free from its self-constricted set of rules. There's no dialog. Everything is stylized, and nothing is real except certain ideas we are supposed to swallow about what is going on. At its best, Sugar is like the Quay Brothers doing a David Lynch script. At its worst, a voyeuristic snooze. The film goes on for at least twenty minutes longer than it needs to. I could get into the plot, but I'd hate ruin that, or spoil the not-so-vague puzzle of what's going on in the film.

Perhaps I wouldn't be so hard if I didn't some real potential in the film. The visuals, along with the backing soundtrack, are well thought out and evocative, it's just the sense of timing and plot that's amiss.

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