Yes, another Romantic Comedy

The romantic comedy is a genre that will never go away. It will be reinvented and reinvigorated time and again because there's a built-in audience and writers will forever be obsessed with same subjects and themes. And that's why it can sometimes be hard to be excited about the latest to be released.

People, Places, Things isn't a reinvention, revolutionary, or a new take on an old story. It's just good. The story is not rushed - it unfolds crisply and logically. Maybe the characters are more-or-less familiar, but they are fully realized, with their own space for evolving and having their own thoughts and opinions. These are characters not set up to be in conflict with each other, but are genuinely trying in messy circumstances.

But most importantly, it's funny. Director (and writer) Jim Strouse let the actors freely improvise around his dialogue, which resulted in many of the best lines in the film. To the actors' credit, everything is in character, and that's why it works. Jemaine Clement is very relatable and shows some range in this starring role, and the supporting cast is a very good fit.

The film isn't aiming high, but it's aiming to be real, and in that it succeeds.

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