Someone I Knew

This movie has touched me, because I know what Tori Spelling’s character, Laurel Lewisohn was going through. I knew a boy just like Ivan Sergei’s character. The only difference is that the guy I knew was not a murderer, but the emotions, and actions were the same. Violent behavior, yelling, obsession, jealousy, stalking, lies, and pushing for commitment connect the male character on screen and a guy I once knew. I understand all too well the love, then the fear. By relating to the movie, this movie has to gain high marks. I feel that the camera shots and the music do help with the suspense. I feel that the title of the movie is stupid and that some of the scenes of the bar were not needed.

It is sad that life has to be similar to this movie. How can guys ever exist like that? Domestic violence should not be a part of life.

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