A Lazy Year

If I admit to any new year's resolutions, one will be to get to the theater more often in 2005. There's something seductive in accumulating a DVD collection, and getting buried in the couch, but it will never be the experience of a properly projected and amplified film. I only hit the "easy" festivals this year, and the arrival of on-demand cable didn't help much. Next year, I'm cracking down, gosh darn it, and I've already got my Sundance ticket to kick it off.

But I did sit my butt down in a few chairs, from stadium seating to the fold-out variety, and however incomplete my sample set, I still enjoyed a film or five, and somebody out there might care. Even the professional reviewers can't possibly see every good film these days. So, here I'm adding my own Top Whatever list to the million or so lists already released for the end of the year.

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