Privacy Policy

Who likes to be spied on? Nobody except you exhibitionists out there. But one person's definition differs from another, so let's set down exactly what That Cow will actually remember in its tiny little bovine brain.

We collect email addresses from users for two reasons. First, for general user management, to verify you exist, prevent abuse of the system, and allowing for password recovery. Secondly, to send news updates to users who choose to receive them. As of this moment, such updates have yet to actually be sent out. Those of you who signed up early on were not presented a choice to receive messages or not, but you may select that now under your user options. Your email address will never be shared.

Also, we set cookies for session management - keeping track of when you're logged in - because of persistent annoyances with http authentication (some of you may remember a box that popped up when you logged in before), this seems the best choice. If you block cookies, you may experience problems logging in - blocking third party cookies may be a good choice for you. Ads do appear on That Cow from external sites which may set their own cookies.

Material you submit (reviews, articles, comments, and the like) to That Cow will be tied to your user account. Anonymous reviews are currently allowed, though they may be reevaluated in the future. In either case, by submitting such materials, you are granting That Cow permission to publish your work. Of course, copyright remains yours.

This policy may be revised, as That Cow wasn't even allowed to take the LSAT. Ooh, you're a dirty farm animal and will just be a distraction to the other prospective law students. Wankers.

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