A Fool Rushes In

Somehow the trailer for this film had me vaguely interested, and so when I saw it show up on cable I jumped on it, expecting an inventive comedic take on the gangster/assassin setup.

And, oh I was wrong. The ensemble is a collection of Tarantino-inspired characters no better or worse than we've seen in the last fifteen years or so. There's a well-developed sense of irony, but I found nothing beneath it. All style, no substance.

The ending is a self-important attempt to give some kind of deeper meaning to the film... or so I assume, as pointlessness as a nuance of pointlessness simply fails to move me. In a more forgiving mood, I might entertain an "it's all in good fun" interpretation, and "who wouldn't want to do that stupid thing at the end?" but naaaah, the film never got close to feeling that good to earn such forgiveness.

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