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This review thing gets a little arbitrary as things go on. Every viewer brings a different set of values to a film, and there's only so much that can really be agreed upon in terms of what makes a good movie. Some films I change my mind on after a subsequent viewing, and I'll gladly make an update - for example, with my infamous review of Donnie Darko, though I didn't change position enough to satisfy a lot of people there.

I've come to find some ratings to have a particular meaning for me...

  • 0 - no redeeming value whatsoever, even the actors seem elsewhere... most movies aren't this bad, merely bland instead
  • 5 - a toss up, may or may not be worth seeing
  • 6 - probably worth seeing, but flawed somehow
  • 7 - something I'm satisfied with, complete, with no major flaws
  • 8 - this is where the really good stuff starts, just degrees of greatness from here

I'm a little unhappy putting so many movies as a 6. For one, that's the state of filmmaking, but there are shades of bad vs good in there I can't get across. I could slide my fives down to fours, yet the numbers feel wrong, and that would be a lot of work going over everything six and below to this point. I'll have to remain a sixaholic.

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