We really shook the pillars of heaven.

This has been a personal favorite of mine for a long time. Stupid acting, but hilarious. It pokes fun at Chinese superstition and modern day skepticism.

Kurt Russell plays a truck driver who finds himself in the middle of a Chinese turf war. After his truck gets stolen, he's on a personal mission to get it back.

It all blows up into a supernatural kung-fu-fest where Jack Burton (Russell) leads a team of seasoned martial artists down to the underworld of San Francisco to do battle with an "army" of supernatural and a few super powered beings. It tries to mix Chinese mysticism with modern day fun.

His side kick Wang Chi is actually the brains and brute force that gets Jack in and out of trouble. He is actually the other side of Jack's story in that he's trying to save his fiancee'.

But the ultimate mission is to stop a 10000 year old ghost from returning and ruling the universe.

Like I said, it's stupid. But it's just a really fun movie. Look past the dumb@$$ness and just enjoy the movie.

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