A Romantic Tale about Strange Truths

This is not your typical romance story. Sure there is two people meeting and falling in love but with an air of mystery. Also, the space and time aspects of telling the story are entertaining, as well as the visuals.

The main focus of the movie is whether Sam Deed is from the future or is suffering from some mental illness. Sam Deed is performed admirably by Vincent D’Onofrio. Ruby Weaver is a recovering co-dependent person who falls in love with Sam but is having to try to deal with someone she is not sure she can trust. Sam’s stories seem to change over the period of the relationship. That is as much as I am going to say since it is the plot that is a large reason to watch. The other reason to watch this movie is Marisa Tomei, who plays Ruby Weaver. Marisa’s body language and facial expressions are full of energy and honesty that make this a real treat.

This story loves to wonder around in that sometimes it is hard to remember when there is current action and when someone is talking about previous actions. There is a unique blend of still shots and video shots, which help to make the cinematography interesting. Also, it is interesting to see the world as Sam sees it, which I am not going to say so not to spoil it. I am not sure if Andrew B. will appreciate the movie since there are a fair number of voiceovers. However, those voiceovers are actually parts of the conversation Ruby has with various people and there are action shots and still pictures to enhance the dialogue.

I still debate whether this is a 7 or 8 star production. For the sake of the counting, I am going with 7 in that the take home message is not all that insightful which is to just be happy with what a person has and not worry about the logistics of it all. Also, I went for a 7 because I felt nothing for Ruby or Sam’s relationship, despite the great acting.

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