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This animated feature won the 1995 Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film, so you do not have to take my word when it comes to the greatness of this film. “A Close Shave� has the music and the tension of a movie with the zaniness of a cartoon. X-treme house owners may appreciate the bungee jumping window washing. There are the cutest little sheep in this flick, including Shawn who has a ravenous appetite. Wallace is an inventor who is coming up with complicated ways to make life “easier� but a faulty porridge machine hardly seems to make life easier. Gromit is the intelligent, knitting dog. In this Wallace and Gromit feature, there is a little romance between Wendoline an owner of a yarn store and Wallace. There also lurks a sinister dog named Preston. I admire animation including clay machine. So much work for only one frame is amazing. Perhaps I just do not have the discipline to do that. This film is a wonderful movie for both young and young at heart. It will introduce you to a British world where people have huge hands and feet.
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