Snow Dogs Works For Kids

I know that you have probably read all of the bad reviews that this movie has received out there. And what the heck is Disney (Buena Vista) doing putting out a PG movie for kids anyway. (Mild Crude Humor, nothing bad not even a cuss word)

Well, I am going to go against all of those critics out there and tell you to take your kids and go see this movie. We took our 7 year old, and we all laughed throughout this movie. We went on a Friday afternoon, and there were no seats available in the theatre. It was full of families laughing out loud having a good time watching this movie.

Cubba Gooding junior did a wonderful job, even though the plot could have used some help. And some of the views that were filmed in Alaska were very beautiful. It's corny, but funny.

Adults without children, wait to rent it on video/dvd, all others get to the movies.


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