When will people learn to be nice?

This is a TV remake of the Stephen King book. I did not read the book and it has been many years since I saw the Hollywood movie, so I am just going off of my impressions of the movie. The special effects were wonderful, so I am not sure whether to be impressed that TV movies can have that big of a budget or not. The actress was really great. I can understand Carrie. Children can be cruel, but I never understood why these children kept upping the ante. In terms of story writing, I understand. I was actually excited about Carrie obtaining her revenge on the town. The sad truth is that people who are different are often subjected to ridicule. Maybe someday there will at least be tolerance and no more teasing. People should be able to live peacefully if they are peaceful. More importantly, parents should love their children and not punish them for who they are. Home should be a refuge from the harsh world and not another battlefield. Yes, this is one of my soapboxes and I am sticking to it. As for the movie, it ends with an open ending, so there is room for Carrie the mini-series or something. Overall, there is nothing remarkable about this movie.
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