Does the Camera Lie?

If you have a lust for voyeurism then perhaps you will like this. The acting is quite excellent, but it is boring to the bone. The voyeurism comes from most of the film taking on the personal touch (i.e., through first person with a simple camera (more like how us amateurs would shoot a film)). The more professional camera is used for the making of a movie about African-American males in the movie industry. There are two other interesting camera shots. One is observing an intimate encounter between two actors through a mesh with having the man and woman making odd shapes through the experience. The other video shot involves traffic lights and car lights seemingly like some 70's concert scene with just colored dots passing by. The end of the show has a lovely twist.

I suppose if it is HOW a movie is shown and not WHAT the movie is about then this is a lovely movie. However, I cannot get over how pointless, meaningless, this movie is. I go to the movies for escapism not to see how worthless other people's lives are.

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