Here come the breadcrumbs

Unlike most of the suspense genre plots with many layers of redirection, The Temp seems to lay out its premise early and never bother changing course. So, I don't feel like I am spoiling anything with this review. Timothy Hutton works at a Mrs Fields like baking empire. The company wants to introduce an old fashioned cookie and Hutton's character is sort of like the product manager for the new line. He's got a mildly checkered past in which he suffers from paranoia. His right hand man goes out on paternity leave. Enter Laura Flynn Boyle as his new assistant. LFB's character seems very consistent with most of the roles she picks up - she's a bossy and power hungry woman. It's not much different than her character on the Practice. She has a checkered past as well. Hutton watches as his co-workers die mysteriously. He wonders if LFB is to blame. As a viewer, we aren't wondering, it's all been laid out for us. This continues and eventually it comes to a head in the industrial bakery. Not much going on here. Timothy Hutton's performance is actually pretty good. It sort of reminded me of Matthew Modine's character in Pacific Heights - but without the level of committment. Overall, not as bad as it might seem.
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