I Missed The Fences

What are the good fences the title is hinting about? Mabel doesn't create any. Wherever she goes, she tries to mingle with the local wives. Her husband, Tom, is worried about the social ramifications of his whereabouts, and if anything he is interested in social fences between him and other blacks. So, I missed the point of the title.

I also found the dialectical barriers between blacks and whites to be a little exaggerated, as well as the typical caricatures of white women a little cliche'.

Towards the end, the movie is a little slow. An interesting element about the plot was the choices the Spader children make: The daughter trying to look like a mixture black-white model, and the son going to an all-black college (rather than Princeton, as his dad wanted him to).

The part about Danny Glover's past on the verge of being linched for winning a spelling test was overdone. And if it looked true, it is a little unrealistically exaggerated that he completely denies that part of his past to chase after a white society's values.

In the end, the only two characters who seem to find themselves are Mabel, who ends up inviting the black neighbor her husband is so disgusted with, and their son, Tom Two, who returns to the "roots" by going to an all-black college.

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