Should've known better

We begin with our two newlyweds arriving home from the honeymoon, openly unhappy with each other, expressed in a slapsticky manner well beyond what's needed to make the point. And then we enter a flashback framing device that's purely unnecessary, except someone thought they came up with a cool opening - which isn't exactly wrong, but just because something is cool doesn't mean you should do it.

That pretty much is how the movie goes, never moving beyond a basic premise, never really surprising us in any way. Most films of this sort threaten to be too slapstick, but this one rather falls flat. And in going for the cheap jokes, our characters come off not so much insincere as oblivious.

The ending is warm, but unearned, and therefore as flat as what comes before. There is little point in watching to the end, but somehow I had to see it through. Consider this your warning that it's absolutely not necessary.

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