Two weeks too much

Two Weeks Notice is, ostensibly, a romantic comedy. The comedy part I get - there's some funny bits, and characters prone to doing oddball things. But I never quite understand what puts Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant together.

Bullock is the liberal activist lawyer, who puts principle above pay. Grant is the ultrawealthy developer who puts womanizing above the workplace.Through a very convenient set of circumstances, Grant needs a lawyer just at the time he runs into Bullock, and lo and behold, they start working together. They happen to work well together - does this make sense? A bit - Grant is really more neurotic than money-hungry.

We are to understand that, when Bullock gets fed up with Grant's overdependence and give her two weeks of notice, this is an important moment. I don't even get this. While there's a certain amount of hand-wringing over it, the moment is almost as casual as the one where she started working for him in the first place.

The two weeks becomes the clock for them to figure out their feelings - though they don't know it, we do. There are complications (notably Alicia Witt as Bullock's replacement), but nothing much surprising about it all. The movie is too easy on its characters, and too easy on the audience.

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