Is growing up ever easy?

So you're trying to grow up, your mom can't seem to stay with a guy, and now you're moving out to L.A. - where she also can't seem to keep the bills paid. Then give her this random, truth-bending, nay breaking, co-dependent personality, and then it's up to you to make sure you grow up right. Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman are the mother/daughter team exploring that territory.

I really like this material, and it's way of just showing things happen, good and bad, and the delicate tightrope that Portman walks of indulging versus rebelling against her mother. This is a film about insights rather than high stakes or breaking new ground. There's not much to nitpick on in terms of flaws, and it accomplishes what it sets out to do very well. Still, the film fails to set itself apart, so it doesn't deserve a top score. On whether you'd enjoy Anywhere But Here, it falls to whether it sounds interesting to you or not - it's a chick flick that doesn't really reach across genres.

If you do see it, watch for less familiar faces from world of sitcoms - notably from such shows as the Drew Carey Show, Will & Grace, and Phenom. Also, to my surprise, in the cast list I see someone I had conversation with at the Breckinridge Film Festival in 2001 - Cricky Long, who was there showing a short she had written/starred (and more?) in - her screen time probably would be measured in seconds rather than minutes, but hey... I'll have to watch more closely next time it comes on.

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