shy. You're a lawyer."

Ah, the mysteries of human behavior... Why do people do what they do? Especially when they don't understand it themselves. Obsession and compulsion can be such relentless taskmasters.

Lee Holloway has just been released from an institution. The details are purposely sketchy, but it's clear her stay there has something to do with the fact she likes to cut herself. It's a retreat of some sort for her, a safe place where she is in control of the pain.

Lee lands a job as - guess what - a secretary. Her boss is the lawyer E. Edward Grey. Where she is meek, he is neurotic, seemingly fixated on an exactitude in his secretary's services. They develop a strange fascination with each other. The movie is about their relationship and how it develops. They struggle, both with who they are and how they perceive themselves, but also with reaching beyond themselves. The film is an honest portrayal of delicate emotions, and while the climax stretches credibility a bit, it's easy enough to overlook.

We may never truly understand the mysteries of ourselves, but then again, perhaps it's not so important to be understood, but to be accepted.

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