An interesting reversal

Alias Betty is French movie that looks somewhat cold and stylish - sort of like a less Hollywood version of Femme Fatale. We see Betty Fisher returning from the United States to France. She's a celebrated author because of a book she wrote about New York. Her mother, Margot, joins her in France and they have a difficult relationship. Her mom has a mental disorder that flares up and makes her violent. Betty seems the opposite. She's left her significant other and is looking forward to raising her son Jonathan in France in a quiet suburb.

Claude Miller turns the movie several times. We see parallel stories of abuse and attempted redemption. We see crime and death.

You can sense the narrative is going to be stitched together in the end. Miller does bring the stories together by converging the action, but he does it in unexpected ways. Alias Betty is really a reflection on motherhood. Betty's father isn't around and neither is her son's father. Margot and Betty eventually find the good in each other and Betty finds a new purpose.

The movie is a progression through messy relationships, sadness, anger, tension, and calm.

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