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i am writing on behalf of the AAS (awful acting society), and wish to congratualte daniel radcliffe aka 'harry potter' for being our newest member.also joining him are his friends 'hermione' and 'ron'. this film would be quite good, if the kiddies weren't so bad at acting. take for example the chess board game near the end, when ron has to sacrifice himself. i was killing my self laughing at how ron was acting that bit. '...i go to sacrifice my self'; i was egging the chess piece on.and lets not forget harry when he discovers he is a wizard'i...i'm a wizard?' purlease.somehow i just can't bring my self to believe his astonishment.hermione does a comendable job at being a snotty nosed brat but her crying and all knowing attitude is at times just plain annoying. to give it its due, the other characters do try to make a go of it.the two best characters are the twins who are rather amusing, and fang, who proves he can act better than ron.
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Review: Not quite what I expected star5/10 andrew
Review: Neat. star6/10 SillyconJester

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