Fundamentally dumb

For those who thought The Ring was a silly premise, here's one that takes the cake: visit a website, and die in exactly 48 hours.

The Ring at least made an effort to back it up. FeardotCom plunges headlong into the standard horror melodrama without regard for motivation or, in many places, logic. The lack of sense in here is carelessly swept under a rug of poorly lit scenes and the occasional minute or two of mtv style cuts of supposedly spooky imagery - another vague reminder of The Ring.

I suppose it's not an accident that these two films resemble each other so much. But the biggest difference was that we could care about the characters in The Ring. We never get to know these people well enough to begin to care, and as it turns out, it doesn't seem like the film cares that much for them either. Our "heros" are a cop and a health official. The "bad guys" are a mad doctor and a variety of female images, especially a little girl all in white, with a ball. I could say more, but then there'd nothing left to get from the movie.

And what the hell kind of web browser is it that all these characters use? It looks like a bad video game.

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