Stupid is as stupid does

Sometimes you have to ask yourself why a movie was made. There are occasions where there is no statement being made, artistic or otherwise, but rather, it's just an attempt to have some fun. Such seems to be the case with The Toxic Avenger, but having fun - or whatever experience is had on the set - does not necessarily translate on screen.

The plot, what little there is, involves a dorky kid being abused by a group of cool/hip kids, which quite accidently results in him being plunged into toxic waste. He thus reborn a powerful mutant. He hurts criminals. A blind woman falls in love with him. He takes revenge on the cool/hip kids - who love to run over people, which seems a kind of justification for what they get in the end.

Aside from the pre-transformation bit, the scenes could be jumbled about in almost any order and make about as much sense. The film seems to pride itself on being filled with unique characters - to the point of some wearing odd makeup for no apparent reason. I may personally want more depth from my characters, but I'll give the film this: the acting is so bad, it's probably better that there was no challenging material for anybody.

Everything is purposely bad, from the costumes (especially the Avenger himself), the fight sequences, the gore (that squashed head isn't bad though). The main point of viewing this film has to be in laughing at it, and indeed there is a certain cult following around that. Yet, it's not enough for me. The film does not give any good reason for hanging around to the end. I'd recommend the Evil Dead movies over this, as there's at least some sense to them.

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