Birth of a taleswoman

Rebecca Miller is Arthur Miller's daughter. She's had some success in her life, but not nearly like her father. Rebecca wrote several short stories and was then offered a chance to make some of them into a movie. The catch was a limited budget and limited time. The solution? DV Cameras and longer continuous shots that need less editing. Personal Velocity's Three Portraits are about three different women. The only things that tie them together are the male narrator (reading more directly from Miller's source material to give the audience a much deeper understanding of the woman's past) and the news of a car accident. Miller does not waste much time tying the stories directly to each other and this is not a movie that explores each woman's perspective. This is a loose knitting of the tales.

Kyra Sedgwick plays Delia in the first tale. She's a confused mom that flees an abusive situation. (Be warned that the abuse scene is graphic and uncomfortable to watch). Having always been either the opposite of other's expectations or forced to conform to other's expectations, Delia's story is a journey of finding herself and ignoring those expectations.

Parker Posey plays Greta in the second tale. Greta is also escaping expectations. Her father is very successful and she doesn't want to be like him. She drops out of law school, becomes a cookbook editor, finds a husband and begins to settle in. Then fate stumbles toward her and she must either accept her ability to be successful or turn away. This decision consumes her.

Fairuza Balk plays Paula in the third tale. Paula's lived a life of non conformity listening mostly to herself. She finds herself pregnant and tries to deal with this. Going to a club, she connects with a man and is headed home when he is killed by the central car accident device of the movie. She runs. Not knowing where or her final destination, she picks up hitchhiker with more problems than she has. This sort of grounds her and Paula comes to understand that others may really depend on her and she may not be able to ignore them.

This is a very good movie and some of my summaries are lacking the richness of the story.

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