How much longer must we be subjected to Tom Hanks?

Am I the only one that's tired of him? He plays the same character in every movie. Sure the character is in a different situation, but seriously, I can't believe he died at the end. I was sure that years down the road he would get a job with FedEx and get stranded on an island or float to some island to get thrown in a volcano or something. And answer me this... when exactly does he become the vice president at the toy company?

I'm tired of everyone giving Tom Hanks accolades for the boring same-old-same-old acting performances he gives. Tom Hanks sucks.

Oh, and even though she wasn't in this movie, Helen Hunt sucks too and she must die a horrible death.

I suppose the movie wasn't that bad, but it really didn't keep me very interested. It's not that it was too slow, it's just that the story wasn't very good.

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