The Matrix: Revolting Dog Sh*t

What can you say about this movie? It was better than Reloaded (but not worty of a 4, so i'm lowering my Matrix Reloaded score to 2). That's about it -- and that's not saying much. The third installment of this trilogy is simply more of the same: crap.

From its mediocore beginning to the incredibly unimaginative ending, it's just a bad action movie tripping all over the coat tails of the first one. I'm so glad I didn't waste my money to go see this in the theater. I wasted 20 bucks on Reloaded as you may have seen from my review of that movie. Sucker me once, shame on you... sucker me twice shame on me, sucker me a third time by making an 'uninticipated' fourth movie in the trilogy and I'll drive to Hollywood and beat the crap out of you for subjecting the population of the world to more of this crap.

I suppose I should be more particular in what I didn't like, but that's like asking what part of ingesting that Drano made you feel the worst. If you watched one and two, chances are you'll see this one, eventually. Psychotropic drugs will certainly help this movie.

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