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spoilers within... it's impossible to write a review of this movie without spoilers.

mastadonfarm, like most other commentators about this movie, are missing a (possible) fundamental paradox within the movie. The question is, "What makes a great movie?" With Adapation, this question is asked within the movie as well as from within the audience.

I've read so many people complaining about the last two thirds of the movie. I personally feel the last two thirds were perfect and wouldn't have changed a thing. The 'action movie' type sequence was introduced immediately after Charlie asked his brother, the newly innaugurated action/thriller screenwriter, for help. Of course that's why the movie went in that direction. Of course it's over the top and unbelievable. It's a movie. Are we meant to believe that those events really happened or is this where Donald tells Charlie to "make Susan into an amateur porn star... and add a chase scene... and some killing... and an alligator, that will be exciting... oh yeah, and kill off one of the brothers!"?

Then the paradox... did the brother help write the end of the movie. Is Charlie the one that died and Donald finished the movie? Is Donald even 'real' or a creation of (movie) Charlie's mind.

Multi-leveled movies are not new, but this one does a beautiful job of being, if not good, then interesting.

It's perfect. You're left guessing, and more importantly thinking. To me, there is nothing better than a movie that leaves you thinking.

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