I am left with a general 'ehhhh' feeling after seeing this lame tv-series-to-film recasting of I Spy. Other than the fairly obvious black-and-white marketing possibilities, I don't see much of a reason for this to exist, and doesn't seem like anyone else found one either.

While I'm not quite old enough to remember the series, the film does a balance of comedy and spy-thriller, much as whatever pop-culture implant in me says the original banked upon. The problem? Well, it's too restrained on both fronts, making for a too-dry (yet somehow annoying) comedy, and a forgettably pedestrian spy movie.

Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson should both be thankful most people will have a short memory of this film. It's a little unfortunate for Murphy, as we see a bit of a return to his earlier comedic style, which is somewhat entertaining on its own and I'd like to see more of it.

The film isn't absolutely horrid, merely mediocre, leaving no spectacle in its self-destruction to gawk at. The sooner we all forget about it, the better.

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