Kicky Incongruity

Woody Allen takes a break from his more seriously themed movies with this bumbling romp of a rags to riches story. Mind you, it's still Woody, and that sense of humor is all over the place. It's really more fun than most of Allen's work has been lately, and somewhat easier to enjoy, but it's also not as challenging.

As an ensemble piece, the cast does a great job. Tracy Ullman is her usual chameleonlike self. Hugh Grant doesn't stray far from his smarmy self. Even Jon Lovitz, thanks to a small part, doesn't become a distraction. It's a joy to see Elaine May return to the screen as well.

The story itself is slightly fractured, almost in the same sense of Dusk Til Dawn, but not as extreme. The first act simply doesn't match the rest of the movie thematically, even if the ending harkens back to it meaningfully. This is a minor point, though, as the film itself is quite enjoyable if you aren't looking to nitpick.

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