Oh, Ichabod.

Everyone seems to be waiting for Tim Burton to grow up. I don't think that's going to happen. Tim Burton is as grown up as he is going to be. Burton is our Edgar Allen Poe. He's fascinated with the macabre and gothic. It's an easy jump for Burton to take on the Washington Irving story, Sleepy Hollow. Burton is fascinated with halloween. He's already made several halloween themed movies. This time, he steps away from any animation.

The cast is well chosen. Johnny Depp's pale skin and angular face make him a good choice for our Inspector and gothic hero. Christina Ricci is also well suited to this role. She's somewhat dark and mysterious outside of Sleepy Hollow. Inside the movie, with costume, makeup and cinching corsetry, she's our heroine.

The story is a familiar one. Burton adds freely to the story to make it slight different than the Ichabod Crane we are most familiar with. The landscapes are creepy and lush and the characters are appealing.

The story runs out of gas and resorts to special effects to try to reconnect with the audience. That's the disappointment of Sleepy Hollow.

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