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Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood chameleon. He's been nearly everything in the industry: actor, writer, director, producer. He's played with nearly every genre - biopic, comedy, chimp, western, cop, romance, and super-personality. He's done all of these in a remarkably even handed way. His average is a strong B student. There have been moments of excellence like Unforgiven and lesser moments. Blood Work lies pretty much in the middle - a solid effort, but nothing memorable.

When we meet Eastwood's McCaleb, he's pursuing a serial killer that taunts the police. Close to the end of the chase, McCaleb suffers a heart attack and the movie moves forward two years. McCaleb has received a heart transplant. Looking to slip towards oblivion, McCaleb wants nothing more to live quietly on his boat. A stranger appears and pleads with McCaleb to investigate the murder of her sistser. McCaleb reluctantly agrees after the stranger tells him that he now has the heart of her dead sister.

Thus begins the slow unfolding of the mystery and storyline. The cast puts in a good performance. The filming is complementary to the story. The problem for me is that the secret of the story is easy to guess and the loose ends remain pretty loose. I'm not going to unveil any spoilers, but see Blood Work if you like mystery and Eastwood. It's pretty good.

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