Drown me now

Kevin Bacon, Sean Astin, a boys survivalist expedition into the woods. Bacon is a jerk of a leader, thinking he'll transform these boys into men. Astin is our snotty kid protagonist, quite averse of the outdoors. Somehow, we know from the start these two will not get along, and guess what - we're right! By the end of the film, Bacon gets his comeuppance, and Astin learns how to be a man, or at least, deal with the wilderness.

What else is there to say? The dated 80s soundtrack is beyond cheesy to the point that much of the incidental music must have sounded inappropriate when the film was released. The three other boys on the trip are such annoying caricatures, we'd like them to fall off a cliff in the first five minutes. Astin and Bacon do a good enough job, but the material is simply too thin to bear.

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