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This movie is a collage of all new action contemporary films. We take one part of “Matrix�, dark modern over the top look, that is never that relevant to create a decent scene. We also take a little bit of “X-man�, this fight between two races that isn’t very clear. There is also the opening scene where we a female narrator introduces us to the story, oddly familiar sight if you have watch “the Fellowship of the Ring�. Finally we take one of the things that has characterized most movies lately: the “unpredictable-open� ending. Just like its predecessors this movie is a desperate cry for originality. At some periods of the film we can see how hard the writer looked for something different and smart, sadly we the audience got a predictable and pretentious film about vampires and werewolfs. There is no need to talk about the acting. If there is a highlight in this mediocre film is insinuation of a racial conflict that goes deeper than the actual storyline. Nevertheless, this ghastly attempt to bring a real theme to the film is either to obvious for the serious film follower and too subtle for the 18 year old kid and his date sitting next to me. Its sad too see so much money put in to a film and get so very little back.
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