Dressing Up needs a Dressing Down

The Tuxedo is nothing more than a Jackie Chan/Jennifer Love Hewitt vehicle, an action comedy so low brow you'll get skidmarks on your forehead.

There's some strange, convoluted plan to take over the world through bottled water. I suppose if anyone were to look at it closely, it's about the silliest possible idea, but I don't think we're supposed to be looking at anything too closely here, with possible exception of Hewitt.

Chan is the wacky, insecure driver whose new boss, super spy extraordinaire Clark Devlin, is taken out of commission by a skateboard bomb (yes, a skateboard bomb), and Chan steps into his shoes - or rather, his highly advanced Tuxedo, capable of performing many tasks such as sharpshooting and martial arts (no, the technology behind the Tux is not elaborated on, nor should it be). Hewitt is the scientist/agent who partners up with Chan, thinking he is Devlin. As so many previous movies show, mistaken identity *is* funny. Right?

Sure, Chan is a great physical actor - he doesn't disappoint, and studio money puts a good gloss on things, but there aren't enough ideas in the Tuxedo to fill out a postcard.

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