Linklater's High School Memoir

If you're a fan of Richard Linklater, you will probably know of this film, or seen it, if you don't know Linklater from any other director, this isn't his best effort. Fresh from Slackers, Linklater tries to move his version of the ensemble movie to the the 70's. It could be considered a pre cursor to Fox's "That Seventies Show".

Matthew McConaughey is one of the anchor characters. Outside of his character, we are basically following around groups of kids during the last day of school. In this fictional town, and somewhat fictional time, kids are allowed to be kids. Now, there would be law suits and parental intervention units, but this is full of light hearted hazing, beer drinking, and hormones. Nothing outstanding to remember, just a pretty good time. Stick with Slackers or watch the whole ensemble idea transformed into punk disillusion with Suburbia.

Look for a young Parker Posey before her string of Alt. movies began.

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