Gritty character study

For someone who didn't know about Irish journalist Veronica Guerin, I was somewhat shocked to see this movie start with her being murdered in her car at a stoplight. I suppose that puts me on an equal footing with all those Irish, or otherwise better informed, folk who were acquainted with how her life came to an end.

Guerin was determined to make a difference - she was already an award winning journalist, when she set her eyes on the drug problem plaguing the country's youth. Her brash, nosy approach to uncovering the drug suppliers produced results, but also got her in trouble, receiving all kinds of abuse as she dug down to the worse sorts in the underground. The trouble really hits home to her once it starts effecting her family - her husband and their young child.

Cate Blanchett plays Guerin with a masterful level of detail - she really creates, or perhaps imitates since Guerin's life was well documented, a complete persona. The film itself amounts to a character study, which simply calls for great acting anyway. The plot itself is adequate, pulling from real life toward an already known conclusion - you can't really improve it that much, and I'd say this is probably as good a movie one could make for the subject.

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