Levinson did this?

Watched this over the weekend at the neighborhood discount theatre. This theatre used to be the Tiffany Plaza six. Growing up, Tamarac and Tiffany were botique malls - not shopping malls. There was a "fabulous" new restaurant - Chilis (crank up the way back machine) and even the Aspen Leaf. Then Tiffany fell into disrepair and Tamarac fell victim to mega shopping experiences like Cherry Creek and Parking Lot Meadows. Meanwhile, Tiffany's old theatre (think small screens and not much surround sound experience) have become a privately run discount chain - either a $1/show before 6 or $1.50/show after 6. I've watched a few movies here including From Hell, which the finnicky That Cow engine ate my two page review and I couldn't get it back.

Bandits was the best fare from the current batch of movies and I headed over for a seven o'clock show. The parking lot was packed. (There's hardly anything at Tiffany Plaza). Most of these cars were hear for cheaper, family entertainment. I wonder why movies are getting closer to $10?

Anyways, the movie was average. Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton (who could have just as easily been played by Tommy Lee Jones) are bank robbers with an inventive plan - kidnap the bank manager the night before and bypass the higher risk night time alarms or daytime hijacks. The story is told from the very common crime show narrative (15 minutes, et al). They run into Blanchett's character and fall into a three way love affair. Thornton's hypochondria has a couple of comedic moments, but I only felt myself snickering three times during this movie. It wasn't funny enough to be comedy (Sugar & Spice), wasn't enough of a crime story (The Score), or kitschy enough to run endlessly on cable (Point Break). At times, it looked like Michael Mann's Heat (costumes and such), but without that much style.

I guess in the end, we're supposed to take away that love comes in many sizes - even if the perfect man is two men.

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