It's Summertime. Rewind the VCR for Last Summer's Movies

Another summer, another Lara Croft movie. Possibly the only thing new about this movie is that it's title got longer.

Let's see....take your basic Indiana Jones movie and substitute Angelina Jolie for Harrison Ford.

Lara Croft kicks some ass, chases down bad guys, uses some gadgets, fights a shark, travels to Africa, parachutes to a Jeep, and carefully endorses several new products in this edition of the Tomb Raider series.

The scenes in Africa are great and for summer fare, it is generally satisfying. Jolie plays Croft without many emotions. Her loves are shallow, her fears are non existent, and her joys are muted. Unlike Ford who played Indy with a swagger, Jolie's Croft is barely recognizable outside of her long braided hair. Perhaps coy or overly confident would be an interesting spin for this series. We'll likely see a third in this series of Tomb Raiders, but I doubt it will be much different.

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