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The colors are vibrant, the scenes are remarkable, and the characters are entertaining. The problem lies in the plot. Yes, I know it is a children?s story, but to some degree so is ?Princess Bride? at least that has some dimension. The water effects are fantastic; I took note of it because the animation of water is not all that easy. There are a few jokes, and the feel good values of the love of a father for his child, getting over fears of taking chances, and the power of determination. Perhaps I am too harsh on action films especially when there is a lack of plot twists (although they do have a few surprises). I recommend ?Monsters Inc.? as a better animated tale. However there is lots of excitement and I just love Ellen DeGeneres? performance and how she is animated. Ellen makes this movie special. Albert Brooks works wonderfully as the father clown fish. This is a good summer film as with the hot days, a person can visualize being in the ocean.
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