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What's not to like about a bunch of virile young men dressing up as women to stay in a sorority house? Well, depending on your tastes, perhaps this movie.

Sure, our trio of mock females don't initially intend to be staying among the undesirables of Delta Omicron Gamma - a sequence of comic circumstances put them there, presumably so they aren't too sleezeball by the end of the film. But who are they kidding? The plot is largely a shell for an onslaught of lowbrow humor, with some pious reflections on definitions of attractiveness thrown in.

Our protagonists are ostensibly trying to clear their names over some stolen money at Kappa Omicron Kappa (with greek letters spelling out KOK and DOG here, you know you hardly have to be conscious to get any of the jokes). While the plotlines are tied up properly by the end, the story has only limped along, falling flat in the end. The best parts are in getting to know the DOG girls, but the only thing developed out of there is a thin pseudo-lesbian bit that might have meant something if it weren't treated so conventionally.

I feel I might be stretching things a bit at a 3, but there were some funny things in here. Tell this story from the point of view of the girls of DOG, and maybe something would come from it.

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