Fairly short feature - at 73 minutes it barely qualifies - about a man working muscle for the mob who flees the city with a bullet in his arm and is taken in by a simple country family. He's a womanizer, and starts to actually fall for the older schoolteacher daughter of the family.

The film is a compendium of poorly used technique and surface storytelling. We spend too much time establishing character before even getting to the country - most of the people we meet at the start are not seen again, and those who reappear serve a singular purpose. While things get better by the end, the choices are all fairly predictable ones.

The acting is decent for the material, with that earnest quality common to the first half century of film. Still, the supposed transformation of our mob man is a little underwater, leaving the ending sentimentality a little undeserved.

To enjoy this one, you've got to take the story at face value, for the basic point it's trying to make. It doesn't fail in that regard, but it's neither an unqualified success.

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