Twitch for me, spasm-boy

Alas, poor Chris Kattan. He seems to have some knack at character, but his chief selling point seems to be the ability to fake a seizure. Any time the energy level ebbs, Kattan is directed to destroy a set from nervousness, or perhaps ramble on his lines like he is on coke while the rest of the cast stares blankly.

Corky Romano is purely a Chris Kattan vehicle, which is a shame because it features actors with a bit more subtlety - Peter Falk, Fred Ward, and Richard Roundtree - in supporting roles. We see Kattan wreck the veterinary office where he works, be forced by his family to infiltrate the FBI where he bungles arrests, mishandles evidence, and acts as a general buffoon in front of everyone - including the token female agent he is attracted to.

As a comedy, there actually are some decent laughs here and there, but it's not enough. Side plots are interesting, but not developed beyond the need to wrap everything up in the end. The movie bets its existence on Kattan's physical comedy, which isn't quite enough to sustain the mere 86 minute length unless you're a fan.

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