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I'm not sure how to rate this movie. I really liked the first Matrix. I, stupidly, was expecting more from the sequel (how many times have you heard that). I was ready to walk out of The Matrix: Reloaded in the first 30 minutes because of that stupid rave/sex combination scene.

Oh... we're going to war with the machines... crank up the techno and let's have a rave! Call the Wild Stallions! I suppose some of the audiences liked that part. It sucks to have to play to those people (maybe i'm missing something).

I for one just assumed that Neo and Trinity were lovey dubby and were trying to make babies... i didn't need the 10 minute video of it happening. Were they just trying to stretch the length of the film? If so, why the hell would you do that at the beginning?

My suggestion for anyone wanting to see this movie is to wait for the DVD and watch the first chapter and skip the second and third. Actually, most of the first half of the movie pretty much sucked ass.

Everyone has been raving about how amazing the action sequences are. I agree... there were some absolutely amazing effects. But seriously, how long can we really watch Neo fight 100 people. We get the idea... he's a bad ass. We don't need a 10 minute fight sequence to inform us that Ted kicks ass... i mean... he knows kung fu and he's going to be a huge guitar playing star in the future, right?

I was severly disappointed. There were some very intriguing and overlooked plot points that could have been developed at the cost of crappy rave scenes and endless fight sequences. The whole supernatural thing could have been played up a bit (VERY CAREFULLY... that can easily go wrong), and the "climax" could have been streched some as well. I can understand that the desire to leave the audience hanging so they'll have to go see the next movie, but it could have been done so much better.

In my opinion, it should have cut out before Neo walked through the door at the end. We all knew what choice he would make, but there is always the doubt. Instead, we leave the theatre thinking, "Is this the 13th floor again??? The Matrix inside the Matrix?"

This movie was crap. I'm generally upset, yet intrigued. Maybe that's what they're going for. Either way, I feel like I wasted 20 bucks.

As a friend of mine said, "I assume that the third one will end with Ted waking up and saying.. 'Bill, I had the most BOGUS dream.'".

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