A Disappointing Horror

Just to set the record straight, I love horror flicks. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Night of the Living Dead are two of my favorite movies of all time. Rob Zombie, also, is a hero of mine from his first CD release of White Zombie. I love the guy's work and sense of 70's horror. However, this movie never, ever should have been released. With a plot ripped straight out of Texas Chiansaw Massacre and Funhouse, this movie only serves to bore and offend the viewer with its inane, unoriginal plot and cheap camerawork. Although the horror market has been flooded with terrible teeny-slasher trash like Scream, Urban Legend and the like, the horror community should be offended at Rob's assumption that a TCM rehash with lots of colored lighting would serve to satiate our need for a decent, even B-quality horror. The manner in which the hapless victims are killed is drawn out and flatly disturbing, glorifing the senseless brutality and reiterating the characters' tired, boring act. The movie is cheaply made, lacks real shock value, and is simply an excuse to parade near NC-17 gore on the theater screen for an hour and a half. Do not bother, or even contemplate spending your hardearned money on, a movie that at best is a new-age Texas Chainsaw Massacre and at worst is a nauseating yet shockless tour-de-gore.
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