Stupid, silly, annoying...I LOVED IT!!

What can I say? With a name like "SillyconJester", how can I not love this film? Yes it was stupid. Yes it was dumb. But seriously, how many of us who have watched this film can not say they laughed insanely at the laxative scene? Or chuckled when Lloyd was reading the name "Samsonite" off of the briefcase? Let's not forget the parody of "Pretty Woman" when Lloyd is trying on clothes. :-)

Yes, slapstick is brash and often done distastefully, but hey, we all have to let ourselves go sometime and accept that there are people in this world that are capable of doing things like this. Let's face it, the Farrelly Brothers had to have gotten the inspiration for this movie from somewhere.

There were a lot of discontinuities in this movie, but playfully hidden among the wackiness. If you noticed them, you either didn't enjoy this movie enough or have watched it way, WAY too many times. One in particular that I noticed (after the 10,000th time I watched it) was when Lloyd fell off the jetway. From the flip he did, either he did a complete 360 in the 10ft that he fell, which he couldn't have at the speed he was moving, he couldn't have landed face first on the tarmac. :-)

So let's try and take a step back from reality and admit to ourselves that this was, in fact, an entertaining movie. Because, in the end, that's all that movies are: entertainment. :-)

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