Wasted Time

Shot down by Serbian forces that are arming themselves against treaty, navy Lt. Burnett must find his way to a safe zone where he can be rescued, while the Serbs try to hunt him down.

That's pretty much it. Sure there's a little more motivation and character, but the film's emphasis is on the chase, not these paltry distractions. It's a pity, for the film at least partly touches on some interesting things - war crimes such as genocide, the sheer confusion on the ground between the various factions, and how the peacekeeping forces practically had their hands tied to do anything about the situation.

For a deadly chase sort of movie, the mechanics are done rather well - though there is a tendency toward stylistic indulgence, strange moments where the frame rate is played with, or we take an inexplicably artsy look at some object. Then just as the moment begins, we move on, as if the camera were threatened just as much as Burnett. Perhaps this approach reinforces the conception of the film as a fast-paced romp, but providing illumination of largely empty moments leaves the technique feeling hollow.

There is a place for a film based solely on fast-paced action, but it works so much better without all these dangling references. Better to simply indulge solely in the task at hand, much as in Speed, or perhaps even Die Hard.

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