Horribly dumb

I've got to hand it to the Farrelly brothers for perfecting the art of pushing a gag as far as it possibly can go. This one is about conjoined twins with a surprising amount of innocent normalcy in their lives.

Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear are the twins. They looks like they are having fun with their roles. Even when things are supposedly tough, the performance is tuned to an unrealistic level of false drama.

The situations are clever, and often absurd - about all the film has going for it, really. Getting one twin (Kinnear) cast opposite Cher in a cheesy sitcom is near genius. Just getting Cher is accomplishment enough, much less an appearance from Meryl Streep.

There were elements of Shallow Hal (the previous Farrelly flick) that I liked - the characters had a life of their own and were played warmly. That film had its own issues, but the formula never comes together in Stuck On You. The gag is king, and everything else comes second.

Sure, people can relate to this kind of humor, but it's still a bad movie. Even on a pure comedy scale, it wouldn't score that high, as the joke is becoming stale in the first fifteen minutes. Avoid this one if possible. The Farrellys have made much better films - check out one of them first if you have to...

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