Perhaps the past's past is passé

The Flag is an attempt to dramatize the creation of the first American flag. It's a good this was made as a short, as there seems to have been so little material at hand that they had to invent an entire plot of a British soldier hiding out in Betsy's house to keep things interesting. If anything, Ross and George Washington are conceived from such a position of reverence, that there's little room for surprise here.

It's interesting that the long title uses the words "inspired" and "tradition" - there's no direct proof that Ross made that first flag, though it's certainly plausible. The sentiment in the words is definitely a tip-off to the attitude the film has to its subject.

The Flag is a silent film, but has been updated decently with a score - perhaps by TCM, which is particularly keen on such things. The film is also is color - not really one of the first, but as they were only doing a two-color process at the time, it wasn't all that good, or common. The visuals are decent, if washed out, but not done with imagination.

There's not much to recommend here other than historical value - at the time of its release, though, it would have rated higher for its novelty and sentiment. It's a more jaded world now.

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