Let’s all leave this Persian place

The title of the movie is deceptive. The whole movie is not about this Persian Jewish lady. The former queen was not submissive enough to the king, so the king gathers up the virgins of the region. A young, intelligent lady is about to be taken to the palace. Her watchful cousin tells her to change her name to Esther, and keep her religion in her heart, but never admit it. Esther, name of the goddess of love in the “heathen community. It does not make sense to me that the king gets rid of his queen and picks a woman who shows self-assertiveness. The big part of this movie is that the Jews are seen as lazy one day a week, and are hording their money, so they are deemed enemy to the kingdom. Esther then has to deal with standing up to the king for her people. The ending includes the Jews going to Jurusalim which does not include anything about Esther. So a good 10 minutes or more has nothing to do with Esther. Esther not being the lady’s real name does not seem right to call this movie either.

I am not sure how true to the Scriptures this movie follows.

The sets and costumes are the best part of this story. The background music helps give nice environmental feel. Esther’s watchful cousin, performed by F. Murray Abraham, is better in Amadeus. Although he does have one scene when he knows when the Jews are going to be killed that is borderline wonderful. Louise Lombard performs Esther and falls into the mediocre acting. Thomas Kretschmann performs the king and has some moments of good acting but then again some of those moments he was behind a curtain. Nothing else is worth noting.

It is just rather dull.

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