Am I too dumb for this movie?

The humor is so subtle that I am not sure if I laughed at all of the jokes. I suppose if you felt that Voltaire was a comedian then you would definitely find perhaps more laughs then I. For scene transitions, quotes from Voltaire are used. Despite missing some points, I did enjoy the film and did chuckle a few times. It does seem rather quirky that a 15 year old would fall so madly in love with his stepmother, but if you see some Jerry Springer episodes and it may become clear (he he he). Now it does seem strange that a 40 year old would go for a 15 year old, but Oscar (the 15 year old) is so caring and knowledgeable that it does not seem wrong to enjoy the boy’s personality.

There is one scene that I disagree with for a couple of reasons. Oscar brings his stepmother some lunch into her biology laboratory. Food is not permitted in any lab that I know of. Chemicals and other items can get into the food. Contaminated food can make someone seriously ill. Another important reason to not have food is that the food can actually contaminate the experiment, especially in a biology lab. For a film that prides itself on intellectual stimulation, it seems to ignore a basic lab practice.

There are a few interesting cinematographic scenes, but over the entire camerawork is not that remarkable. I felt that Aaron Stanford played a very intelligent and sweet Oscar Grubman, while Bebe Neuwirth played a wonderfully saucy Diane. John Ritter and Sigourney Weaver were disappointments in the acting department, which is sad since they are both talented. I am not sure if perhaps it is bad writing perhaps that made their parts so lifeless.

I leave you with a thought from the movie for pondering: every man is guilty of the good he didn’t do.

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